Monday, June 29, 2009

Molly's SURPRISE B-day Party

It can be done! Being able to keep a big secret for many months was very hard for everyone. I have to take my hat off (if I were wearing one) to Amy, she had a vision and she came shinning through. I just helped very little, she planned it all from the renting chairs, linens, table scape, menu, decorations, cake, invitations, candles, flowers, layout, serving staff to the crystals hanging from the lanterns! Obviously she had a great teacher, Molly! That's why we all love her for her creativity, generosity, giver of time & talents and for me an awesome big sister! LOVE YOU MOLLY, Happy birthday!

This was rode on my lap for 1hr 15 min! Anything for Molly!

Some of the serving staff: Nelly, Olivia & L.J. Don't you love the details Amy thought of having them dress in matching outfits with bow ties, Awesome!

Olivia took this picture? She loves to take abstract pictures. She wants to be a photographer when she grows up I guess :) It's another detail, sugar rimmed glasses, your good, Amy!

So sophisticated!

Adriana's house is the party house , the hostess with the mostest!


In the beginning of June I had the privilege of being the Camp Director of our ward for Girls Camp and those of you who know this takes a lot of preparation and time, But it's all worth it. I also was able to go and take part. It's always a humbling and spiritual experience. It always seems that we as leaders have these profound experiences and that they were meant especially just for us but ultimately it's for the girls. Gaby & Olivia went and having them there is also a great mother daughter experience. It's a great reminder of what great examples they are and what strong & sweet spirits they have, makes me so grateful to be their mom!

That's my girls being silly!

Our new Bishop, Bishop Kofford,
2nd Counselor Bro. Doebler & Wife Melissa, Jessica & Me

Our theme : Incredigirls - Finding the Power within

MAY HAPPENINGS......Sebastian's 10th B-Day!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SEBASTIAN!! I know I'm a bit late posting but May was a busy month for me. Sebastian wanted to have a laser tag party and so his wish was granted! He invited his cousins and had a blast! As you all know he's my baby and gets anything he wants, well almost anything. He's my little tough guy. Thanks for all who attended and for the gifts he loved them.

MAY HAPPENINGS........Softball season over but still going strong

Olivia just finished a softball camp at ASU. Olivia learned some great techniques. It was interesting to see all the girls working hard to get better at the game and being at ASU reminded me of when I went there and how much fun it was. I wish I had a chance to play on that field like Olivia did (just a little bit jealous!!). Keep on working hard!


Olivia's did awesome and the team redeemed their loses against Mesa, Dobson & Mt. View. which is big for those who are familiar with the Mesa rivalries. Also the varsity went to state and fell short to Basha but it was a hard fought game! Olivia has great potential to make varsity and has been working hard for it already.

May Happenings......Little League Baseball

Sebastian is awesome playing 3rd base and sometimes pitcher. He even made the All-star team. They practiced 3 hrs everynight for 2 weeks 6-9pm, but unfortunately lost in the first round but I'm pretty sure he's glad it's over and ready for football.

Saturday, April 25, 2009


I know I'm a little late posting but what can you do. Lamoni's birthday was Last Saturday the 18th, and we all got together at a restaurant, Trophy's Steakhouse, for dinner in Queen Creek. I know it was a long trip for the "West Siders" and we are so grateful that you did! It means a lot to us when you make that sacrifice for us and we love you for it! Well I hope Lamoni had a great time because he deserves it and I love him very much!!
Any ways enough of the mushy stuff but I wanted to show off Lamoni's hard work and how talented he his because he is! For those of you who don't know we did all the finish carpentry in the restaurant and if I say so myself our guys did an awesome job! I hope this showcases our work and are able to get more work from it because as you all know work is hard to come by in our line of business. Well the food was great and the atmosphere with the animals staring at us was great also. Lamoni ate buffalo steak which was gross, I couldn't even swallow it, but he liked it and that's all that counts. My dad had antelope sausage which was surprisingly good. Everyone else had some type of beef steak, I had shrimp. Everything was awesome. Thanks again for coming!

Lamoni with his mom, brother & sisters

Monday, April 13, 2009


The Mora Grand kids with Abuela.
from top:
Dallin, Joshy, Olivia, Oops Lamoni, Nelly
L.J. & Nicolas, Christian, Abuela Maly, Kenyon
Gaby & Hudson, Mikaela, Sebastian, Ammon, Triston
Haydan, Seth, Jyselle, Benjamin, Eric
Angela, Kiana, Trey & Houston
(not in the pic Colton)
Please excuse any misspelled names!

Well my house is still a little messy and the chairs, tables & confetti is evidence to that, but it's all good. It's always fun having family over, I love it! And I'm not being sarcastic I really do. I think everyone had a good time especially the kids, even the older kids (over 14), they tend to hang out in Olivia's room. Sometimes Lamoni makes them come out for fresh air.
The food is always great and this year we tried something new, I made BBQ ribs & chicken. Everyone brought the rest, it was delicious!
Hope to see you all next year for Easter!

;) Dyna